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The Cittadella Arts Centre in Victoria Gozo was the venue of an unusual concert in Gaulitana: A Festival of Music. An accordion recital of Russian classical music was given on Sunday 7th April by top notch Russian-Ukranian artist Roman Yusipej. In what proved to be a world-class performance, Yusipej brought out a vast array of sounds from his accordion, performing a widely varied repertoire, which didn’t exclude the odd humouristic touch or two. Helped by Yusipej’s  communicative style – whether while performing or as personality; indeed he himself introduced all the numbers played, – this immediately captured the attention of the good audience which filled the Cittadella Centre Hall which was very appropriate for this type of concert.

The event was held in collaboration with the Russian Centre for Science and Culture whose director, Dr. Oleg Beglov, headed the audience along with Gaulitana artistic director Colin Attard. At the end of the concert Attard and Yusipej exchanged CDs, and both looked forward for another potential future performance. On their part Dr Beglov and Mro Attard augured for a continued collaboration between the Russian Centre and the Gaulitanus Choir.