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The Italian Bel Canto Ensemble gave their second concert, again at the Ministry’s Exhibition Hall, Victoria, on Tuesday 26th April.

The quartet regaled the very good audience in attendance with another spectacular evening. The flowing performance included music from popular soundtracks by Bacalov, Morricone and Rota as well as semi-classical numbers varying from Gershwin, Poulenc, Satie and Piazzolla to Lehar, Monti, Donizetti, Tosti, Cottrau and Gambardella. While most of the numbers were instrumental arrangements for clarinet (Antonio Arcuri), horn (Massimo Celiberto) and piano (Alessandro Vuono), others featured the soprano (Rosaria Buscemi) accompanied by the piano as well as the soprano accompanied by the instrumental trio.

The ensemble’s expertise in performing with gusto – interacting between themselves and involving the audience at appropriate moments – again had a great response form the audience and the resounding applause at the end of the concert resulted in two lively encores from the ensemble.