Stephen Attard

Stephen Attard has been the Gaulitanus Choir’s resident accompanist since its foundation. For long years a piano teacher active at the Music Department of the Gozo Visual and Performing Arts School, he is also a composer whose works – some of which have even been performed abroad – employ a rather personal idiom which often bridges between the classical and the semi-classical. In the musical theatre field, he is best-known for the rock opera Gwanninu, which has been produced locally for a record number of times.

A man of arts – in the wider sense –, he musically orients himself between Mozartian aristocratic purism and Beethovenian revolutionary innovatism; whereas in the context of literature, he is grounded in Dantesque pre-humanism and inspired by Petrarchan philo-modern paradigms, clinging nostalgically to the eponymously Romantic idioms dished out by traditional favourites such as Thomas Hardy, Alessandro Manzoni, Ġuże’ Aquilina, Anton Buttigieg and Ġorġ Pisani, but finding sheer unabashed expression in the modern oeuvre of Graham Greene, Morris West, Joe Friggieri and Alfred Sant. These, together with his philosophical and religious convictions, mould him – artistically and otherwise – in a rather particular personality: a man of dialectic, sometimes puzzling, tensions, but not a man of contradictions.