Gharb’s basilica was a perfect venue for the concert given by the Anon String Quartet (Malta) on Saturday 10th April. Indeed few other places could have provided the right ambience as this splendid baroque architectural gem for the recital which featured exclusively baroque compositions ranging from Malta’s Michelangelo Vella to Italy’s Biagio Marini and Germany’s George Frederic Handel, amongst others.

The Anon String Quartet , formed by seasoned performers Marcelline Agius and Nadia Debono (violins), Stephen Galea (viola) and Angelica Young (cello), was appearing in Gozo for the very first time. Appropriately the quartet used baroque bows to give a more authentic sound to their interpretations.

The audience was headed by Gharb’s Mayor David Apap Agius and Gharb’s Arcpriest Can. Carmelo Gauci.