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The Gharb Basilica was the venue of the third concert in the 2011 edition of Gaulitana: A Festival of Music held on Sunday 10th April. It was the turn of the Fourtissmo Brass, a trumpet quartet.

Gozitan Jason Camilleri teamed up with Brits Andre Helleur, Shirley Hirley and Don Gates (the latter on the flugelhorn) performing a series of rather short original or transcribed works for this unusual combination. The quartet majestically made use of the acoustics of the Basilica and presented works ranging from the Baroque to the contemporary.

The concert was held with the collaboration of the Gharb Local Council, who for the umpteeth time was supporting the festival as well as with the courtesy of the Gharb Basilica Chapter.

The audience was led by Gaulitana artistic director, Mro. Colin Attard, Gharb Mayor, Mr. David Apap Agius and Gharb Archpriest, Mgr. Joseph Sultana.