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The alley at the end of St. Theodore Street, Xewkija, a venue which is characteristic of Gozitan villages, hosted a concert by Gozo’s Island Brass Quintet on Wedenesday 21st April.
The quintet performed various numbers, mostly light, during this only open-air concert in this year’s edition of Gaulitana: A Festival of Music.

The concert was preceeded by a tour of a sundial found at a private locality in the alley, kindly made available by its owner Mr. Philip Buttigieg. The sundial, constructed by the Knights of St. John in 1546 in a small country residence/fort for their use in what was then all countryside, is the oldest sundial extant in Europe.

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The tour was led by Xewkija mayor, Dr. Monica Vella, who also headed the sizeable audience present for the concert. The evening was held in collaboration with the Xewkija Local Council.