Another concert in Gaulitana: A Festival of Music was held on Wednesday 28th March at the Exhibition Hall, Ministry for Gozo featuring the Fourtissmo Brass.  This trumpet quartet made up of Gozitan Jason Camilleri and Brits Andre Helleur, Shirley Helleur and Don Gates (the latter on the flugelhorn) were participating in the festival for the second consecutive year.

The programme opened and ended with a number of quartets. In between, several trios, duets and solos were performed with Shirley Helleur leaving her trumpet to accompany on the piano. Indeed Shirley was the busiest of the lot introducing the various numbers as well.

Very much in line with the title of the concert, the chosen programme was rather festive, varied and full of momemtum, something which went down very well with the good audience present which continuously showed its approval by long bouts of applause.

The next event in the festival is on Wednesday 4th April at 19.30hrs, again at the Ministry’s Hall, when Reflections for Holy Week will be presented. Maltese pianist Veronique Vella together with narrators Sue Scantleberry and Paul Barnes, will interpret Federico Gozzelino’s The Mystical Story of Christ. The Italian composer will be coming over from Italy specifically for the event.