Gaulitana: A Festival of Music came to an end on Sunday 2nd May with a concert whose music from the musical theatre. As happened last year, this was held at Palazzo Palina, Ta Cenc Hotel with the participation of soloists and the Gaulitanus Choir itself.


Gaulitanus’ own Terry Shaw and guest British soprano Sharon Wilson were the principal soloists in this concert. Unfortunately the other guest British soprano, Emma Darling, had to drop out also of this concert due to being still ill. Indeed she only made a token appearance in one of the numbers. Still the programme was only slightly altered.


After Wilson and Shaw presented a number each, Bock’s Far from the home I love and Porter’s So in love respectively, both joined ranks for a selection from Bernstein’s West Side Story. The choir’s soloists, MartheseBorg, Tricia Fenech, Stephanie Portelli and Josianne Callus, and the female section of the choir joined in towards for the last two numbers.


A selection from Kern’s Showboat followed. The full choir as well as soloists Darren Vella, Tricia Fenech, Annabelle Zammit and Fabian Galea joined the two principal soloists, as did Emma Darling in the finale.


The concert ended with a selection from Rodgers’ Oklahoma!. Shaw and Wilson again had the lead with the choir’s soloists Fabian Galea, Patricia Buttigieg, Josianne Callus, Annabelle Zammit and Marthese Borg taking the secondary roles. The selection was brought to a rousing conclusion with the climactic and highly rhythmic chorus from the show.


The choir’s pianist, Stephen Attard, had the taxing role of accompanying one and all, with the choir’s director, Colin Attard, conducting.


A very big audience, led by the Hon. Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Chris Said and the Director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, Mr Sergey Medvedev, and Mrs. Medvedev, literally filled the hall to the extent that the organisers faced a seating problem. This surely reflects the appeal that the festival’s concluding concert has attained and in itself is a tribute to the choir’s efforts to keep organising this festival notwithstanding the great difficulties encountered.