We are proud to announce the full list of events of our EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME which features workshop, masterclasses and tailored events for students in Malta & Gozo.

A unique event, the first of its kind in Malta will be #opera4me. An initiative aimed at rendering opera more accessible to students is the first of its kind in Malta. The featured opera will be Il Barbiere di Siviglia, the festival’s programmed opera. It will feature one of Malta’s leading music educators, Sarah Spiteri, together with an Italian operatic company purposely brought for this event. This will be complemented by theatre tours and a 5-day career exposure with the MPO.

Illustrated presentation to broaden musical awareness and appreciation will feature Noel Gallo (organ), Mina Ghobrial (flute), Galdos String Quartet, and Kevin Moindaze – Luis A. Saldivia-Vega (guitars).

Master-classes will be held with international Maltese soprano Miriam Gauci (voice) and with Alexander Frey (piano), who was described by Leonard Bernstein as a “wonderful spirit”.

The Educational Programme is held in collaboration with the Gozo College within the Ministry for Education & Employment under the education+ scheme.

It is being supported by Teatru Manoel and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

For more details, email gaulitanafestival@gmail.com