Gaulitana: A Festival of Music has spread its wings overseas with the co-organisation of a concert in Scandicci, Firenze, Italy. In collaboration with the Centro dell’Arte Vito Frazzi, a recital has been held at the Sala Consiliare ‘Orazio Barberi’ on Sunday 5th February as part of the current Scandicci concert season. This has been the result of an ongoing collaboration between the two entities and particularly the two respective artistic directors, Giuseppe Fricelli and Colin Attard – who both have often appeared in each other’s events.

This time round Colin Attard invited Maltese mezzo-soprano Alexandra Scicluna to take part. The latter gave a very creditable performance of a varied repertoire, which, as always, included some works by a Maltese artist – this time round Alexander Vella Gregory.

At the end of the very well-received concert, Vito Frazzi president Dott. Fortunato della Guerra presented a memento to both artists as well as to musicologist Cesare Orselli. The latter made a presentation on the very much renowned Florentine 20th century singer, Liliana Poli prior to the start of the recital.

The collaboration continues during the forthcoming 11th edition of Gaulitana: A Festival of Music.