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Leonardo Fricelli |

Paul Sultana





The Gaulitanus Choir’s 3 up-and-coming soloists, Patricia Buttigieg, Stephanie Portelli and Annabelle Zammit, accompanied by the choir’s musical and artistic director, Colin Attard, have just returned from a successful concert-tour in Firenze, Italy.

The first concert was a lunchtime, held on Sunday 7th February at the Sala Consiliare ‘Orazio Barberi’ in Scandicci,  o rganized by the Centro dell’Arte Vito Frazzi as part of the organisation’s 2015-2016 concert season. The concert was very well-patronised and attended by the Vito Frazzi’s President Dott. Fortunato Della Guerra and Artistic Director Giuseppe Fricelli. After acknowledging the audience’s enthusiastic response with a numbers of encores, the artists were offered a memento by Do tt. Della Guerra, who  also heaped words of praise on the young performers. Operatic works by Mozart and Verdi, chamber arias by Verdi, Puccini, Bellini and Donizetti, as well as works by Maltese composers Colin Attard, Nicolo isouard and Carmelo Pace – whether solos, duets or trios – were performed.  (Vide also

On Sunday afternoon, a sacred concert was held at San Marco’s Basilica in central Firenze.  This was organized by the Associazione Culturale ‘Beato Angelico per il Rinascimento’. Works by Pergolesi, Stradella, Faure and Attard were performed. After the concert, the Gozitan artists animated the Messa degli Artisti celebrated by the Beato Angelico’s director Padre Alfonso Fressola. These events were also referred to on the 7th February issue of the newsapaper Toscana Oggi.

Firenze’s renowned concert venue, St Mark’s English Church, was the venue of the last commitment on Monday 8th February. A secular repertoire quite similar to the one given in Scandicci but now also including works by Sullivan, Novello and Loewe was presented. The mostly English-speaking audience was led by St Mark’s choirmaster. Oliver Bowes, who was also responsible for co-ordinating the event. This concert, as well as the San Marco’s events, were – completely unexpectedly – attended by Maltese music reviewer Albert Storace (as well as some other Maltese persons). At St Mark’s, Storace also offered to introduce and conclude the concert, thus shedding some light on the Gozitan (and Maltese) musical scene.

This Firenze project was another great opportunity for the three young sopranos to perform on the international platform following their highly successful participation in the 17th edition of the Rencontres Musicales de Mediterranee held in Corsica, France, last November.