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The Gaulitanus Choir opened the 2015 cultural programme with the third edition of A New Year’s Toast, a very well-attended and enjoyable concert held on January 1st at the Kempinski Hotel, San Lawrenz. Besides the choir, the concert prominently featured the choir’s soloists Annabelle Zammit, Patricia Buttigieg, Marthese Borg and Francesca Sciberras. Tricia Azzopardi, Mikaela Bajada and Miriam Curmi also had some solo lines. Young Pierre Louis added a different touch with a few numbers on his violin. Stephen Attard and Colin Attard accompanied on the piano. The latter, the evening’s artistic director, also conducted the Gaulitanus Choir.

The concert, which kicked off the events marking the Gaulitanus Choir’s 25th anniversary, was supported by Visit Gozo (Ministry for Gozo), Bank of Valletta and Kempinski.

The full programme was:

Seasonal Songs:

Albert Gumble                       i.          Winter – Marching Song

(Arr: R. Danmark)                              (Soprano: Annabelle Zammit)

Frederic Field Bullack            ii.         Hanover Winter Song

(Arr: C. Attard)                                  (Mezzo-Soprano: Marthese Borg)



2 Traditional British Carols:

Arr: C. Attard                         i.          Hey, Ho! Nobody Home

(Mezzo-Soprano: Tricia Azzopardi)

Arr: R. Boughton/C. Deis      ii.         The Holly and the Ivy


Ernest Bloch                           Nigun (Improvisation)

from Baal Schem

                                                            Violin: Pierre Louis Attard

 Ivor Novello                           Love Songs:

i.                    Shine Through my Dreams

ii.                  Fold Your Wings

iii.                Glamorous Night

iv.                Waltz of  my Heart

v.                  Some Day my Heart will Awake

vi.                My Life Belongs to You

vii.              Love is my Reason

viii.            My Dearest Dear

ix.                 We’ll Gather Lilacs

                                                            Soprano: Annabelle Zammit

Soprano: Patricia Buttigieg

Mezzo-Soprano: Marthese Borg

2 Xmassy Pieces for Violin:

Arr: J. Vella                        i.          It’s Christmas Time

Percy Faith                        ii.         Brazilian Sleigh Bells

                                                            Violin: Pierre Louis Attard


2 Songs from the musical ‘A Simple Christmas’:

Pete Carlson                      i.          A Child is Born in Betlehem

D. Matthews/Ed Kee        ii.         If He Were Born Today

                                                            Mezzo-Soprano: Francesca Sciberras


 2 Positivity Songs:

John Rutter                       i.          Look at the World

                                                            (Treble: Mikaela Bajada)

Felix Powell                       ii.         Pack up your Troubles…and Smile


Francesca Sciberras, Miriam Curmi)


photos: Michael A. Bajada