Christmas Card '15


The Gaulitanus Choir has kicked off its events for this Christmas season. Right after returning from its 25th anniversary Emilia Romagna (Italy) concert-tour, the choir had the first of a series of caroling sessions at the Arkadia on Sunday 20th December. The choir will return to the Arkadia on Christmas eve in the morning. It will then have 2 caroling session at the Hotel Calypso, on Christmas eve in the evening and on Tuesday 29th December. The choir will also appear at the Hotel Kempinski on Saturday 26th December.

The choir’s singing commitments will reach a climax, also at the Kempinski, on January 1st,  with another edition of A New Year’s Toast. This annual New Year’s Day concert which musically ushers in the New Year in Gozo, now in its 4th edition, starts at 7.45pm. The event is supported by the Kempinski Hotel, Bank of Valletta and Playpen and entrance is free.

The choir’s artistic direction has opted to give a particular theme to this year’s programme: Singing for Peace. Being held on the World Day of Peace in a world scenario which where peace is very much threatened (and coming up right after a very successful somewhat similar experience the choir had in Italy) the Gaulitanus Choir will be presenting a very exciting selection of Christmas carols and songs from various countries. These range from Western to Eastern Europe, from the Bristish Isles to the Mediterranean, and from South Africa to the United States; with quite a few numbers receiving their Malta premiere. Christmas songs – whatever their origins – help unite one and all despite differences in opinions and creed, conveying a frontier-less spirit of joy, peacefulness and fraternity.

A New Year’s Toast will also prominently feature the choir’s main soloists: sopranos Patricia Buttigieg, Stephanie Portelli and Annabelle Zammit, and mezzo-soprano Marthese Borg. Tenor Josef Xuereb and bass Ian Grech will have supporting parts. As usual the choir will be accompanied by its resident pianist, Stephen Attard, and conducted by its founder-director, Colin Attard, who also artistically directs the concert.

Meanwhile, the Gaulitanus Choir wishes you the best for the Christmas season and the New Year!