The "Tal-Andar Folk Group"
The third Gaulitana: A Festival of Music continued yesterday at 20.00 hours with presentation of the "La Maltija: Traditional Local Music, Dance and Food" at the Conference Centre at the Hotel Ta’ Cenc in Sannat.

Whilst the guests sampled a four course meal of local and traditional food, the guests were entertained by the four-man "Tal-Andar Folk Group". These presented a one hour long program of local music using traditional music like the Zafzafa and the Tanbur.

The Astra Folk Group in the "Danza tal-Banketta"
Next it was the turn of the Astra Folk Group that was originally founded in 1972 and is still going strong. This group has a lager orchestrina and besides the well modulated singers and dancers also sported traditional folk crafts such as bizzilla (local bobbin lace), straightening of wool fibres and twisting them into yarn and a painter who started painting a picture on the spot. These presented a series of local dances accompanied to original tunes composed by the late Joseph Bezzina and the dance steps by Mr. Meilak such as the "zifna tal-gewlaq" (dance of the straw basket) and "zifna tal-banketta" (dance of the stool) as well as others which were welcomed by the numerous audience.
Mro Attard being presented with the painted picture
At the end of the evening the group’s artist presented his picture to Mro. Colin Attard as a momento of the evening.

Altogether this was another very enjoyable Festival evening.

Next on the Festival’s programme of events is the "Searching of the Soul" evening by the Animae Gospel Choir to be held at the Basilica of Our Lady of Visitation in Gharb at 20.00 hours. The entrance is free.