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German soprano KATHARINA M. KAGEL and Gozitan pianist STEPHEN ATTARD teamed up again following their sacred recital on Friday by presenting a concert of German songs on Sunday 14th April at the Gozo Ministry’s Hall, Victoria.

The excitingly varied repertoire started with a first part dedicated to the highly artistic German lied, with works by Schumann, Schubert, Korngold, Wagner and atypically Grieg. While Kagel introduced each  number explaining the subject matter, Attard provided a bit of respite to the singer by performing 3 Songs for Piano by Schumann.

The second part was devoted to lighter stuff  with works – whether easy-going songs or numbers from operas or operettas – by Mozart, Lehar, Stolz and Winkler. Here, Kagel very ably communicated with the appreciative audience also asking, at moments, for some participation.

The duo was thoroughly applauded and reciprocated with an encore.