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On Palm Sunday evening, Gaulitana moved to another monastery in Victoria, indeed St. Francis Church, for a concert by the Gaudos Quartet.

The string quartet played one single but long major work, namely Franz Josef Haydn’s The Seven Last Words of Christ. This consisted of 7 movements, each representing the 7 phrases uttered by Christ on the cross, framed between 2 outer movements – an introductory one and a concluding one representing the earthquake which happened after Christ’s death. The 7 word-movements were each introduced in a quite profound theological manner by Jacob Portelli, the quartet’s cellist. The 3 other members of the quartet, which was performing for the first time in Gozo and under the new name, were David Lang and Emese Toth (violins) and Ina Georgieva (viola).

The good audience in attendance led by Gaulitana artistic director, Mro. Colin Attard, Franciscan Superior Fr. George Attard and Mr ex–speaker and Mrs Anton Tabone, were in for a evening so different from usual. Indeed on the first day of Holy Week, the concert made sure that the musical sounds meet the transcendental in an evening where sheer musical beauty moved within meditative paths.

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