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The concert which the Gaulitanus Choir put on at the Gozo Ministry on Saturday 22nd November was as atypical as successful. Entitled “World War I in Music ( … and Words)”, the programme featured music written during and associated with the Great War; indeed a variety of popular, semi-classical and classical pieces by British and American composers. Basically vocal, except for an introductory march for piano duo (with Stephen and Colin Attard), the various numbers were performed by the choir’s own soloists. The highly experienced English singer Terry Shaw and the mature Marthese Borg mixed up with up-and-coming singers Patricia Buttigieg, Stephanie Portelli and Annabelle Zammit. Rob Ricards also had his own high point as a reciter. Of course the Gaulitanus Choir itself joined the fray in a couple of numbers and concluded the concert with a climactic final anthem.

The choir’s pianist Stephen Attard and the choir’s musical director Colin Attard alternated in accompanying the various numbers. Throughout the concert, he latter, who also artistically directed the concert, gave some very pertinent information about the various musical numbers and styles and how they came into being.

The very receptive audience was led by American Embassy representative Mr Tom Schmidt and Gozo Culture official Mr Charlie Hili.


Photos: Gilbert Haber